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The Mind, Body and Spirit section focuses on the complementary healers, clairvoyants and readers who contribute to Glastonbury’s unique atmosphere. We would be grateful if you let our advertisers know that you have found them through The Oracle website.

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Featured Event
5 day Angelic Reiki Master Retreat
with Kay Zega

in the exquisite energies of Glastonbury’s Chalice Well Gardens

Saturday to Wednesday 25 to 29 July 2015 (9.30am to 5pm)

(£200 deposit; instalments available)

Some places still available on this life-changing 5 day Personal Mastery Retreat (BUT book accommodation ASAP - Glastonbury B&Bs get booked up well in advance.)
Alternatively, just embrace the Level 1&2 part of the Retreat (first 2½ days) - £276; deposit £100); or the Level 3&4 (final 2½ days) if you’ve already done Level 1&2 -£384; deposit £100)
Fee includes: Thorough tuition, comprehensive manual, additional info booklet, official certificates, master crystal + much more including use of enchanting Chalice Well Gardens.
Angelic Reiki - Archangel Metatron’s uniquely powerful system of Angelic Healing & Consciousness Expansion - is easy to learn, simple to use, deeply healing and transformational. Attracting newcomers to holistic healing as well as Practitioners & Teachers of other holistic therapies, it is currently taught and practised in 26 countries.

Phenomenal Deep Core healing & Consciousness Expansion.
Incomparable Karma Cutting & DNA Modifications to Shift Stuck Emotions, Heal Trauma/Suffering/Hurt on all Levels throughout Time.
Many profound attunements, gifting you with a permanent link to Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Galactic Healers & other Beings of Light in higher dimensions.
Connection with Your own Soul Group and the Divine Presence.
Deep Relaxation/Inner Peace.
Profound spiritual advancement and lasting personal empowerment.
Ongoing support.

Learn Angelic Reiki to work with the Angelic Kingdom of Light to benefit yourself & others

Kay is a Registered Angelic Reiki Teacher taught by the founders Kevin & Christine Core in 2005. She is also a Wellness & Positive Life Change specialist, Accredited/AVR Registered Counsellor, Multi-therapist & Lecturer/Trainer.

Featured Event

5 RHYTHMS CLASSES Everyone is welcome to come and dance 5 Rhythms in the Town Hall, Glastonbury. Take the journey out of the head and into the feet, feel your body, move it, feel alive, awake, released, fulfilled. Take it at your own pace. Wear layers of comfortable clothing and bring a bottle of water to drink. Every Monday from 7:15 - 9:45pm; 10 pounds For more information, contact Jean

Featured Event

Featured Event

The Isle of Avalon Foundation is a centre of excellence that offers workshops and talks on contemporary spirituality in Glastonbury. Healing, personal growth and transformation. We currently offer several year-long trainings, as well as a wide variety of weekend and one-day workshops. All our courses are potentially life-changing and definitely inspirational! The Glastonbury Experience 2/4 High Street Glastonbury BA6 9DU

Featured Event
Lemurian Healing from Hawaii Returns to Avalon

Don't miss your chance to become a certified Lemurian Healing practitioner.
Open your heart to divine love and the profound healing wisdom
brought forth from the Goddess temples of ancient Lemuria.



The Goddess Hall Benedict Close, Glastonbury BA6 9NB

Presented by David Bower and Mamiko Maridianna, co-founders of Lemurian Healing from Hawaii.

DETAILS & REGISTRATION http://LemurianHealing.com/Avalon

Only £395 for both workshops!
(£105 in savings – discounted EXTENDED until 15th July )

Local Contact: Marion Brigantia at priestessingforyou@live.co.uk

By tapping into divine wisdom and universal love, this simple, gentle technique has the power to transform lives. Lemurian Healing has helped thousands of people release emotional issues, achieve clarity, heal past life traumas, improve relationships, awaken spiritually, resolve health issues, manifest abundance, and create more joyful, abundant lives. Because Lemurian Healing engages a person’s higher self and life blueprint, it can inspire profound shifts
—physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

David and Mamiko are traveling to the UK from the Hawaiian Islands, the ancient mountaintops of Lemuria, to bring their unique healing modality to you. Their workshops will be held at the Goddess Hall in Glastonbury, a perfect energetic venue for healing work that’s based on ancient Goddess temple wisdom. Their workshops have been priced to make them very accessible, especially as a package with an Early Bird Discount. Space is limited!

REGISTER TODAY http://LemurianHealing.com/Avalon

Mahalo nui loa!

Featured Event
Saturday 19th September ~ Sunday 20th September

A two day retreat for healers, herb lovers, green fingered folk, nature lovers, rewilders & other realm adventurers.
@ Brook End, Near Glastonbury, Somerset.

Immerse yourself in the world of plants with author and medicine woman Rachel Corby.

Spend the weekend surrounded by the abundant green life at Brook End and build your capacity to learn directly from plants. Develop skills we were all born with, but for most of us are deeply atrophied ~ your senses, intuition & using your heart as the primary organ of perception.

We will also use shamanic journeying to take us deeper into the realm of the plant spirits. You will develop your own unique relationship with the plant spirits we encounter. Gaining an understanding of their individual personalities, their spirit essence and receiving guidance from them; bringing the sacred in to medicine making.

We will sit under the stars and in the warmth of the fire share our stories of plant medicine, magic and mystery. You will leave revitalised, with a pocket full of remedies, and life long plant allies.

The cost of the retreat is £150 which includes lunch and refreshments on both days, Saturday night dinner and camping, plus all materials.

For more information visit: www.gatewaystoeden.com/SPM-Retreat(2934512).htm

To book contact Rachel on info@gatewaystoeden.com or 07772137719.